Intake for dental health care at CDC

This is your first step to healthy and beautiful teeth!

What is your special dental wish? Tell us all about it during an intake appointment. Are you looking for a new dentist, a clinic specializing in cosmetic dentistry, a complete dental renovation, dentures, click dentures, or a fear/anesthesia dentist? Or do you want the luxury of an All-on-4 construction, the so-called 'new fixed teeth'? 


If so, you would prefer to choose a dentist who is specialized and experienced in these treatments. For over 20 years, our dentists have treated thousands of patients yearly. Each of them has their personal dental history and their unique desire for healthy and beautiful teeth. No story or wish sounds strange to us. There is nothing to be ashamed of.   Because we have dental experts in various dentistry specializations and create every dental part in our own laboratory, you can count on the very best quality.  


You do not need a referral. You are always welcome.


Your smile is our passion. Let’s go for it together!


Intake appointment procedure

We look forward to welcoming you as our patient. For the best treatment possible and smooth procedure during your visits, we prepare our acquaintance thoroughly. This is what you may expect during the intake:

  • Documenting your personal details.
  • Making X-rays and preliminary digital pictures (painless).
  • Oral examination by a specialized dentist.
  • A personal conversation about your previous experiences and wishes.
  • Going over possible treatments and advice with the dentist.
  • Explaining anti-fear or anesthetic treatment in case of extreme anxiety. 
  • If applicable, going over cost estimate and planning.
  • Explaining financing options and health insurance procedures.
  • Our care advisors answer your remaining questions.


Our care consultant will guide you throughout any treatment process. You can always contact them, even if you still have questions when you get home.

Conversation with

our care consultant