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Huge fear of the dentist? A treatment under anesthesia

in the anesthetic dentist offers a solution.

Afraid of the dentist? Let the CDC anesthesia dentist help you!

Are you afraid to go to the dentist? You are certainly not the only one! One in five Dutch people is very afraid of the dentist. Some are even extremely anxious. This fear is often caused by unpleasant memories during childhood. For example, in the Netherlands, fear was set off when visiting the school dentist or the dental specialist during compulsory military service in the past. Yet, we also experience people who fear being judged by a dentist. 


At CDC, fear or anxiety is certainly unnecessary. Understanding, patience, friendliness, clarity, and expertise are our core values. If you still find it difficult to overcome your fear, make an appointment with our anesthesia dentist. Discover how this dentist differs from a regular dentist. 

Ask for help from the Dutch leading sedation dentistry

You start sweating at the thought of going to the dentist. You know that a check-up or treatment is necessary, but you keep putting it off. You would rather avoid the dentist altogether, but there comes a time when that is no longer possible. Putting it off is not beneficial to your teeth, nor to your general health. If you knew the appointment would be painless and the dentist was patient with you, would you decide to go?


To help you make or keep your teeth healthy again, you can make an appointment with our sedation dentistry specialist. This dentist is specialized in guiding people who fear the dentist in a calming and compassionate manner. In addition, this specialized dentist can carry out dental treatments under anesthetic. While your teeth are being taken care of, the anesthesiologist makes sure that you will not notice a thing.

Oral anesthesia at the dentist

General anesthesia is usually unnecessary for dental treatments. Local anesthetics are sufficient, which ensures you do not feel any pain. With special attention, guidance, explanation, and patience, we can also help you very well without the anesthetic. Yet, if your anxiety is so fierce, or you feel you will panic, the anesthetist's help is the ideal solution for you. At CDC, we are very experienced, and we help hundreds of people who fear the dentist each year.

CDC for excellent care. Always!

When you decide to schedule an anesthetic treatment, you want to be sure you choose a clinic that provides excellent care. That is the reason why clients choose CDC. Many of them take the journey and extra traveling time for granted. The majority of our clients live up to 120 kilometers from our clinic. 


Do you want to know more about treatment by our anesthetist? You are welcome to make an intake appointment. During this intake, we listen to your wishes and advise you about the possibilities. Our care consultants will give you a treatment proposal and estimate. They will explain everything in detail and support you throughout the treatment process.

We would like to introduce our anesthesia team to you

You are in good hands with the anesthesia dentist. And not only with the anesthesia dentist, but also with the rest of the team

from CDC Complete Dental Care. No fewer than 70 experienced employees and dental specialists are committed to radiant and healthy teeth every day. That is precisely the reason why CDC Complete Dental Care has set up an anesthetic center. We are located in Best, Eindhoven, Tilburg, Den-Bosch region, but we help people from all over the Netherlands. Do not postpone a visit to the dentist any longer, schedule an intake appointment with the anesthetist dentist.

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Four steps to a beautiful smile again!

1. Intake interview

Diagnosis, X-ray, examination, listening to problems, your personal story and your wishes. Know what is possible.

2. Treatment plan and budget

Clear information about the possible treatment(s) and associated costs. Know what you are choosing.

3. Start of treatment programme

Implementation of the chosen plan and fine guidance at all stages. On the way to a bright smile.

4. Maintenance and aftercare

Together, we will keep your teeth healthy. You will receive advice on daily cleaning, periodic check-ups and dental maintenance.

Your smile is our passion.

Why CDC Complete Dental Care?

If you think your TEETH and your HEALTH is the most important in live, than you choose wisely for EXPERIENCE and the BEST QUALITY.

Everything under 1 roof

In our dental clinic, laboratory and anaesthesia centre, all specialists work closely together. This way you get better quality and faster treatment!

Experienced specialists

From cosmetic to complex dental treatments, scared or not? Your wish is no stranger to us. More than 30,000 patients have already chosen for us.

Own anaesthetic centre

Ideal for very anxious patients. The anaesthetist puts you to sleep with a team in a specially equipped anaesthetics centre. Safety first!

Care consultants

From the first appointment onwards, you will be guided by our care consultants. You can tell them all your questions, worries and stories. It's a reassuring feeling.

Highest review scores

We receive dozens of reviews every week and the score is always high. All feedback is important to us because it helps us to keep our quality and service high.

Own dental lab

The best results come from the daily cooperation between the dentists and the dental technicians in our lab. Your teeth are custom-made and therefore perfectly suited to you.