Beautiful dentures (partial or full) replace

your own (unhealthy) teeth

Dentures may just give you the relief you seek

after years of dental problems! 

Have you had years of pain and irritation with your teeth, and is it not getting any better? You probably wish a dentist would rid you of those problems. Dentures may just be the ideal solution. Rest assured, a lot can be done nowadays. Most people are incredibly relieved and happy with perfectly fitting, natural-looking dentures.


Be sure to choose a highly experienced dentist and dental technician for the best result. As the denture specialist of the Netherlands, CDC will help you get properly functioning, healthy, and beautiful dentures with a complete or partial denture or a click prosthetic. Are you afraid of taking this step? Our care consultants will guide you through the procedure and answer all your questions.

Before and after pictures of a denture treatment

Teeth before the treatment
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Teeth before the treatment
Teeth after treatment
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Teeth after treatment with porcelain Facings
Teeth before the treatment
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Teeth before the treatment
Teeth after treatment
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Teeth after treatment with porcelain facings

Partial or full dentures, or do you prefer denture implants?

If we can no longer save your own teeth with crowns and bridges, then dentures are an excellent solution. You can choose from three options.

1. A partial denture only replaces the part that no longer functions properly. 

2. Full dentures replace all teeth and molars. 

3. Implant dentures are dentures that you click onto implants, also known as artificial roots. If you want the best of the best (the most expensive), a fixed porcelain bridge on implants is a wonderful solution

Dental prosthesis benefits

We all want to have healthy and well-functioning teeth all of our life. However, this is not possible for everyone. Our teeth deteriorate over the years. There are many causes for dental wear, and some people's teeth wear out more quickly than others. It is essential to take good care of your teeth and mouth, but this is not always sufficient. In many cases, dentures are absolutely necessary.


Dentures do not have to be uncomfortable. They also have some advantages, including:


  • Restoring your smile and being able to chew properly again
  • No more toothaches
  • No more bad breath or unpleasant taste in your mouth


Dentures are very beautiful, provided they are well-made. With modern techniques and excellent, high-quality products, prosthetic dental technicians create stunning pieces of work. It is genuine craftsmanship. The dentists and dental technicians of CDC master this profession like no other. Being ashamed of your teeth becomes a thing of the past with custom-made dentures.


Partial dentures can be fitted very nicely with your remaining, well-functioning teeth and molars. Another advantage is being able to eat better. A click prosthesis makes this even better. This type is fixed on implants so that the denture cannot slide away anymore. 

What is the cost of affordable dentures?

If you are considering extractions and dentures, we understand you are probably curious about the cost. However, it is difficult to determine this in advance. We must first properly diagnose the health of your teeth and gums to make an estimate of the costs. The assessment allows us to determine which treatment with which dentures is best for you.

Possible disadvantages of dentures

If you decide to get dentures, you will naturally want to be informed thoroughly. Therefore, we also list any disadvantages you may experience.


Having your teeth pulled out.

The psychological aspect can be rather unpleasant, and you may experience some post-operative pain or bleeding. But don't worry, these problems disappear very quickly.


Talking and eating with dentures takes some getting used to in the beginning.

A new prosthetic with false teeth sounds and feels different because your mouth muscles still have to adjust. In addition, your jaws still need to heal, which means you may experience some pain. Also, your jaw shape may change slightly, resulting in the dentures not fitting very well. The dental technician can remedy this.


Diminishing jaws due to bone erosion.

With full dentures, your body may stop producing bone. If this is the case, it is strongly advised to get a click denture in time.


Do your dentures hurt or not fit properly? Please reach out to our health care advisor to schedule an appointment with the denture technician, and we will remedy this. Consider ‘Rebasing’ as a  solution when your jaws have started to work or shrink.

From your own teeth to dentures. This is how it works

At CDC, we do not have a long waiting list. Would you like to know more about the placement of dentures? Request an intake interview straight away. If you feel comfortable about the CDC intake, we gladly devise a treatment plan and estimate. We will apply for authorization with your health insurance for maximum reimbursement. 


After that, we will plan treatment days together and start with extractions, if necessary, and a prosthesis. The treatment without implants consists of six steps.


You can find more information about implant dentures as a possible follow-up treatment here.


You never leave the CDC clinic toothless! Our dental laboratory specialist creates a so-called ‘one-day denture’ before you leave for home.

Appointment 1

This first appointment starts with making impressions to create a temporary denture, also called an immediate prosthesis. Together, we determine the color based on color samples. If you wish to schedule the treatment immediately, you can book this appointment directly after the intake consult.

Appointment 2

During the second appointment, the remaining teeth will be extracted. You will receive a local anesthetic, but we can also provide a general anesthetic if you are very apprehensive or afraid of the procedure. We are experienced with treatments under anesthetic and know how to comfort clients who are afraid of the dentist.


We will suture the wounds and place the immediate dentures on your jaws. We advise you to keep these in your mouth as much as possible because they serve as a bandage on the wounds.

Appointment 3

You return after a week for the removal of the stitches. Any pressure spots will be removed, and we apply a soft liner to the denture. This soft liner is made from soft material to ensure a better denture fit. When your jaws start to heal, their position changes, which makes the dentures feel uncomfortable. The liner may become rough over time. Our clinical denture technicians are always happy to help you remedy pressure spots.

Appointment 4

This appointment is for what is called a rebase. The soft liner will be taken out, and a new impression will be made with the current denture. For this purpose, your dentures will be sent with the impression to our dental laboratory. A new layer of plastic is placed in the denture so that the prosthesis fits better again. It takes an average of 6 hours before the dentures are ready. In the meantime, you can wait in our CDC lounge.

Appointment 5

Now, it is time to replace the immediate denture with your final denture. Impressions are made with the current dentures. Again, we go over the color, shape, and size of the teeth for your final denture. The prosthesis with the impression in it goes to our in-house laboratory to create your new permanent dentures. After about 5 hours, we fit the forerunner of your new denture, which is made from wax. It contains the teeth and molars that will be fixed to your new denture. Together, we evaluate the shape, color, and position of the teeth. If you are satisfied, the dentures will return to our laboratory for the finalizing stage, and you get your immediate dentures back once more.

Appointment 6

The day has arrived that you will receive your new, final dentures. You can take the immediate denture home to use as a spare.


Do you prefer to continue with an implant treatment for a fixed construction? Please let the care consultant help you immediately with scheduling appointments, drawing up a treatment plan, and applying for authorizations. You can let us know during the first intake.

Meet the CDC team that can help you

At CDC Complete Dental Care, we have over 20 years of experience helping people who eventually want to switch to dentures. Our practitioners do this several times a day. Note: only if this is your wish and there is a need.

With the best care and service, we also help you with beautiful dentures or click dentures.

We understand better than anyone that you want to smile without shame and want high-quality teeth.

  And are you very scared? Then there is the option of being treated under anesthesia. This also happens very often.With us you don't have to worry about this. Your smile is our passion!

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