Need a dentist for an emergency?

For CDC patients, we have a dental emergency service

Tooth or toothache can be terrible! If you are a patient in our dental clinic and feel enormous pain or have problems, and you really think you cannot wait another day, you can call our emergency dentist outside opening hours.

Emergency dentist

An emergency dentist is a regular CDC dentist who you can visit outside the normal dental practice opening hours. You can reach the CDC emergency dentist in the evenings and weekends. The dentist will make an appointment when waiting for the clinic to open will worsen your situation. 


You can always call CDC for an emergency. Outside usual office hours, you will hear the emergency dentist's contact details on the answering machine.

What are emergencies?

Although many dental problems can be very bothering and quite painful, they are not life-threatening. Therefore, we do not consider all of these emergencies. We advise you to contact your dentist immediately in the morning of the next working day to make an appointment.


What do we consider an emergency, and when do we advise you to call the emergency dentist? 

If you have severe bleeding in your mouth with thick red blood clots (light-red saliva is not severe). Also, in the case of an accident, severe bleeding, and/or when your (natural) teeth have become loose. If in doubt, always call the emergency dentist. Based on your complaint explanation, the dentist will assess whether it is necessary to come to the practice. 


Note: Emergency dentist services apply to our own patients only.

Emergency dentist costs and compensation

The costs and compensation of an emergency dentist are similar to those of a regular dentist.


Please note: 

There is an extra surcharge for evening and weekend services.


You can consult your health care policy or contact your health insurance company for information about the exact treatment reimbursement.

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