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Ready for new teeth?
Restorative dentistry for dental problems!

Ready for new teeth? Restorative dentistry for dental problems

Have you been suffering from dental problems such as missing teeth or severe toothache? You want to be relieved of it, of course. Preferably today! CDC can help you. With our years of experience in complete restorative dentistry, we can make your teeth beautiful and healthy again.

Dental renovation solves all kinds of dental problems

If dental problems last for a longer period, a complete dental renovation is often the solution. Sometimes, problems such as infections in the mouth and damaged or missing teeth have increased and bothered people for years. An unhealthy mouth not only causes dental problems but is also associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and premature birth. Taking proper care of yourself means you have to do something about it.


Dental restoration may result in a more extended procedure where we address several problems at the same time. First, the current state of the teeth will be analyzed in detail. After that, we determine which treatment or combination of treatments is necessary to restore the teeth. The result will be that you can show off your beautiful and healthy smile again with confidence. At CDC, your smile is our passion!


Dental restoration may sound huge and painful, but do not worry. It is also possible to have the treatment or part of the treatment done under anesthetic. Feel free to ask about the possibilities.

Dental restoration, a solution for:

Affected teeth

Missing teeth

Loose teeth

Severe teeth disease

Bad fitting (frame) dentures

Dental reconstruction is performed by our specialized dentists only

Would it not be wonderful if you could be pain-free and able to laugh again? How the treatment takes place depends on the condition of your teeth and also what you are willing to let us do.  It is not unusual for us to see patients who only have a few (unhealthy) teeth left. In these cases,  we often remove the teeth and create perfectly fitting dentures. If the jaws are shrinking, a click denture can be a solution. Implants dentistry or crown and bridgework can also be used to create a beautiful dental renovation. 


The CDC dentists will be happy to advise you on the best treatment for your teeth. Please contact us or make an intake appointment right away.


  • From your own teeth to dentures
  • From artificial dentures to click dentures
  • Crown and bridgework
  • Crown and bridge on implants
  • Periodontitis treatment
  • Fixed bridge on implants: All-on-4 or All-on-6 construction

Teeth restoration without worries

If you decide to have dental surgery, you want to feel comfortable that the clinic of your choice provides excellent care. Our practice serves people from all over the Netherlands. As many as three-quarters of our clients live within a 40 to 120 kilometers radius from the practice.


You want healthy teeth, don't you? Please contact us to make an intake appointment. Together, we will look at the possibilities that suit your wishes and budget. After the intake, our care consultants will provide you with a treatment proposal and budget overview. They will explain everything in detail and guide you throughout the treatment process. Then, if you fully agree and feel comfortable with our care, we will start working on your dental renovation.

Some stories and experiences of others

“It makes a world of difference. CDC is a kind of dental care village. They even have their own anesthesia center for people who have anxiety."
“After two difficult root canal treatments under local anesthetic at my old dentist, I decided: now I'm done with it.”

“All dental experts under one roof. That's handy!" As a beautician, I think it's important that my teeth are beautiful.

Four steps to a beautiful smile again!

1. Intake interview

Diagnosis, X-ray, examination, listening to problems, your personal story and your wishes. Know what is possible.

2. Treatment plan and budget

Clear information about the possible treatment(s) and associated costs. Know what you are choosing.

3. Start of treatment programme

Implementation of the chosen plan and fine guidance at all stages. On the way to a bright smile.

4. Maintenance and aftercare

Together, we will keep your teeth healthy. You will receive advice on daily cleaning, periodic check-ups and dental maintenance.

Make an appointment now for beautiful and healthy teeth

Your smile is our passion.

Why CDC Complete Dental Care?

If you think your TEETH and your HEALTH is the most important in live, than you choose wisely for EXPERIENCE and the BEST QUALITY.

Everything under 1 roof

In our dental clinic, laboratory and anaesthesia centre, all specialists work closely together. This way you get better quality and faster treatment!

Experienced specialists

From cosmetic to complex dental treatments, scared or not? Your wish is no stranger to us. More than 30,000 patients have already chosen for us.

Own anaesthetic centre

Ideal for very anxious patients. The anaesthetist puts you to sleep with a team in a specially equipped anaesthetics centre. Safety first!

Care consultants

From the first appointment onwards, you will be guided by our care consultants. You can tell them all your questions, worries and stories. It's a reassuring feeling.

Highest review scores

We receive dozens of reviews every week and the score is always high. All feedback is important to us because it helps us to keep our quality and service high.

Own dental lab

The best results come from the daily cooperation between the dentists and the dental technicians in our lab. Your teeth are custom-made and therefore perfectly suited to you.