Not just a general dentist, but all dental specialists work under one roof

Our vision is that, as a patient, you are best served by the dentist or dental specialist with the most experience and expertise in the specialization treatment. Therefore, a dentist, implantologist, oral care nurse, periodontist, prevention assistant, or clinical prosthetic technician at CDC may help you. All are equally friendly, patient, and compassionate, and they share the same passion: your smile!

Meet our dentists

Willem Baas

Dentist - Implantologist

BIG: 99019632202

Karen Mulders


BIG: 09058606102

Ângela Barbosa



Zemarak Nabi

Dentist - Implantologist

BIG: 09910836502

Jens Fischer



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Wibo Wijzenbeek

Clinical prosthetics technician

Koen van Gerven

Clinical prosthetics technician

Roberto Wawoe

Dental care specialist

Rahela Mohamadi

Dental hygienist

Agien van 't Hoog


BIG: 29021627902

Mark Heijke

Dentist - Periodontist

Marianne de Poorter

Care Consultant

Keri Petersen

Prevention assistant

Alina Hernández Lamorú

Paro prevention assistant

Marja Faber

Paro prevention assistant