New at CDC Complete Dental Care? 

We are happy to explain the way we operate, so you feel right at home.

Our mission...

… is making people happy with healthy and beautiful teeth!

Your first appointment will be an intake appointment if you have dental problems or special wishes. Then, if you have been seeing a dentist regularly and your teeth and gums are in good condition, you can register for periodic check-ups. We offer various dental care solutions in our dental practice and dental clinic, with an in-house laboratory and different specializations.

What to choose? An intake appointment or registration in our practice?

Please let us explain. Do you have a particular dental problem or a cosmetic/aesthetic wish? Would you like to know the possibilities for healthy teeth? Do you have problems with your dentures? Then, please book an intake appointment. We require an expert diagnosis based on a dental scan and examination to offer you customized advice, a treatment plan, and an estimate. You can decide whether to proceed with the treatment. After that, we would like to keep your mouth healthy and see you again for periodic check-ups. 


Are you looking for a new regular dentist for your check-ups? Have your teeth been well looked after by another dentist or dental technician up to now? Then, you can register yourself and your family with CDC. 

This is what happens when you register in our dental office:

First appointment

The first appointment is always with one of our family dentists. He or she will check your teeth and inform you about your dental situation. X-rays may be required for proper diagnosis. If these have not been made, you can ask your current dentist to send them to us by regular mail or e-mail. Otherwise, we can make X-rays for you.


Following appointments

If everything is in order, you can make your next appointment with one of our dental hygienists or prevention assistants. However, if something does happen to you in the future, or if you have a special wish, we will schedule an appointment with one of our specialized dentists. That is the advantage of being a registered patient at an all-around dental practice. You do not always visit the same practitioner, but we can accommodate you and your family with each type of dental treatment or wish.

Experiences of others

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New beautiful teeth
"Saskia comes from Stekene, Belgium, past Antwerp. It is an hour and a half drive to CDC for her, but the trip was worth it. "I am glad I took this step. For me it was the start of a new life."
Beautiful front teeth
“When they get to work with your front teeth, your appearance really changes. So I thought that was exciting. But when you see the before and after photos now… the difference is huge. I have been treated wonderfully. Very calm and pleasant.''
New upper teeth
"My upper teeth had shrunk over the years. To solve that problem, they made new teeth, so-called porcelain bridges over my own teeth. My upper teeth now look completely new again."
Mary Verbeek

Your smile is our passion.

Why CDC Complete Dental Care?

If you think your TEETH and your HEALTH is the most important in live, than you choose wisely for EXPERIENCE and the BEST QUALITY.

Everything under 1 roof

In our dental clinic, laboratory and anaesthesia centre, all specialists work closely together. This way you get better quality and faster treatment!

Experienced specialists

From cosmetic to complex dental treatments, scared or not? Your wish is no stranger to us. More than 30,000 patients have already chosen for us.

Own anaesthetic centre

Ideal for very anxious patients. The anaesthetist puts you to sleep with a team in a specially equipped anaesthetics centre. Safety first!

Care consultants

From the first appointment onwards, you will be guided by our care consultants. You can tell them all your questions, worries and stories. It's a reassuring feeling.

Highest review scores

We receive dozens of reviews every week and the score is always high. All feedback is important to us because it helps us to keep our quality and service high.

Own dental lab

The best results come from the daily cooperation between the dentists and the dental technicians in our lab. Your teeth are custom-made and therefore perfectly suited to you.