Partial dentures

Partial dentures to replace your own (unhealthy) teeth for comfort

When is a denture plate or frame prosthesis a good solution?


There are various situations where a frame denture or denture plate (partial denture) is a good solution. We mention several examples: 


  • The open gaps between your teeth annoy you.
  • Your missing teeth make it more challenging to eat and talk. 
  • Teeth and molars cannot be replaced by a crown, bridge, or implant.
  • You are not (yet) ready for complete dentures. 


Do you recognize yourself in one or all of the situations above? Then, a partial denture may be a suitable solution for your teeth. A partial denture (prosthodontics) not only makes your teeth look good, but also helps to restore your bite. This enables you to eat, talk, and laugh better. 

What is a frame denture?

A frame prosthesis is a partial denture that has a metal base. On the metal, a pink, gum-colored resin is applied. The artificial teeth and molars are fixed in this resin. In contrast to a plate denture, a frame denture rests mainly on the remaining teeth and sometimes partly on the mucous membrane of the mouth. 

The overdenture is attached to the teeth with so-called anchor arms. These are metal anchors which clamp around the teeth or support them. In many cases, the anchor arms are partly visible. The advantage of a frame prosthesis is that it fixes better, which makes chewing a lot easier. You also experience less irritation as a frame prosthesis does not consist of a plate against your mouth palate. A frame prosthesis is more expensive than a plate prosthesis, and, unfortunately, you cannot place an extra tooth or molar.

Difference between a frame prosthesis and a plate prosthesis

The plate denture (plate prosthesis) is made of a pink, gum-colored synthetic resin. The artificial teeth and molars are anchored into it. This type of prosthesis rests entirely on the mucous membrane of the mouth and may be attached to remaining teeth with hooks.


Although a plate prosthesis is cheaper than a frame prosthesis, this type of prosthesis also has some disadvantages. The plate denture rests entirely on your gums, which can lead to gum problems. Your gums must absorb the force caused by chewing, and perhaps teeth grinding. In addition, food residue can get trapped under the plate denture, which may cause inflammation of the gums. Alternatively, the advantage of a plate denture is that the dental technician can easily adjust it when your teeth change, or you lose a tooth.

What does a plate or frame denture cost, and what will be reimbursed?

If you want partial dentures or a frame denture, we understand you are probably curious about the cost. To make a detailed cost estimate, we check your teeth first. Then, we will evaluate how many teeth require replacement and the health of your gums. We also discuss whether you already have implants or would like to have them. 


We can inform you about the rate during an intake interview. Our care consultants will also take care of the authorization application for your frame prosthesis with your health insurance company.


Health insurance companies in the Netherlands reimburse fully removable lower and upper dentures once every 5 years under basic insurance. The amount of the personal contribution varies per health insurance company. Some health insurers also partly reimburse the personal contribution from the supplementary dental insurance if you have taken out this additional insurance.

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