Family dentist for all-round oral care

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Gentle family dentistry with friendly oral care for a smile

A big smile starts with excellent dental care.


A visit to the dentist every half year for a check-up is essential to keep your teeth and gums healthy. If one of your family members has a problem in the meantime, you surely prefer to be helped as quickly as possible. Would it not be nice if the dental practice offers all-round oral care? CDC is such a family dental clinic.


Our clinic has a pediatric dentist and dental hygienist, especially for oral care for children. This person is trained to explain everything patiently and has a kind nature. Hardly anyone really likes to visit their dentist, but for those who find it really exciting, CDC also has anxiety dentists.

Excellent oral care is vital to the quality of life. Let us help you with that.

Need expert oral care for your family?

You want to keep your teeth healthy, and you know that you have to visit the dentist regularly. Not the most fun activity to do, although it is a very important one. Better be safe (prevention) than sorry (cure). Identifying problems in time can prevent many problems. Besides the fact that inflammation in the mouth is particularly annoying and painful, it also increases the risk of heart disease. Do not let it get that far. Please visit the dentist regularly for good oral care and ask the specialist for tips on how to best take care of your teeth.


CDC keeps your teeth (and those of your family) healthy with regular oral care treatments and check-ups every six months. We also help you with the following problems:


  • Toothache
  • Bleeding gums
  • Tartar
  • Wisdom tooth
  • Gum Problems
  • Cavities
  • Bad breath
  • Root canal inflammation
  • Receding gums
  • Gingivitis 

Family dental clinic treatments

Everyone is born with white teeth. However, you should not take for granted that your teeth remain beautiful and healthy. Many factors play a role, such as a heredity, diseases, and medicine use. Also, smoking, eating, drinking habits, and insufficient daily personal care affect your dental health. At CDC, a team of dentists, pediatric dentists, dental hygienists, and prevention assistants is ready to help you with beautiful and healthy teeth. We offer the following oral care treatments:


  • Periodic dental check-up
  • Nerve treatment
  • Filling of molar or tooth cavities
  • Root canal treatment
  • Tartar removal
  • Cleaning instructions
  • Polishing teeth
  • Gingivitis treatment
  • Pulling wisdom tooth


Do you have other wishes for more beautiful teeth such as veneers, dental renovation, or dentures? Please reach out to us for one of these treatments. Our dentists are happy to help you explain and consider the options.

Do you also want healthy and beautiful teeth again?

Excellent oral care

Are you searching for a ‘family dentist near me’ as a non-Dutch speaker? Do you need a new dental specialist or want to switch dentists? You must be looking for a dental practice with excellent oral care and staff that speaks English, German, and other languages. That is precisely why (foreign) clients choose CDC. Our team is happy to help you. Contact our care consultant and ask about the possibilities.

Your smile is our passion.

Why CDC Complete Dental Care?

If you think your TEETH and your HEALTH is the most important in live, than you choose wisely for EXPERIENCE and the BEST QUALITY.

Everything under 1 roof

In our dental clinic, laboratory and anaesthesia centre, all specialists work closely together. This way you get better quality and faster treatment!

Experienced specialists

From cosmetic to complex dental treatments, scared or not? Your wish is no stranger to us. More than 30,000 patients have already chosen for us.

Own anaesthetic centre

Ideal for very anxious patients. The anaesthetist puts you to sleep with a team in a specially equipped anaesthetics centre. Safety first!

Care consultants

From the first appointment onwards, you will be guided by our care consultants. You can tell them all your questions, worries and stories. It's a reassuring feeling.

Highest review scores

We receive dozens of reviews every week and the score is always high. All feedback is important to us because it helps us to keep our quality and service high.

Own dental lab

The best results come from the daily cooperation between the dentists and the dental technicians in our lab. Your teeth are custom-made and therefore perfectly suited to you.